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Have a sneak peek on Mirum Studio's 'Rise of Balloons' sound design! Start by clicking on the ambient soundtrack below.

It is with great pride that we partner with different developers in order to conceive superior quality sound design for video games. We help them conceptualize their video game’s audio throughout its evolution.

Mirum Studio sound design

Music for video game 

Rise of Balloons' songs are mostly made of woodwind instruments and are composed of ascendants and descendants counterpoints to represent the balloons flying around in the air. The music has a naive touch to feature the protagonist's character trait. 


Now, start an ambient song and let yourself be taken away!

We believe that video games are more than mere entertainments. We believe they are also a source of knowledge, culture, exchanges, and meetings. Taking that into account, we bring the gaming experience to the next level by implementing multiple musical concepts linked to the nature of the games we work on. The result is in the creation of unique rhythms and melodies that belong to your video game and none other. 

We are video game lovers and from that love comes the energy that drives us to produce the most exceptional music there is and the best possible atmosphere for your game.


Sound Effects

for video games 

Our sound effects are nothing short of an extension of our music. They are complementary to our songs and each notes composing our sound effects are carefully chosen to fit within the songs.


Video games, by their immersive nature, often require looping music. Therefore, we compose music with the depth of our scores in mind. We evaluate the potential they have for repetitive listening while ensuring they reveal something new every time they are heard. To do so, we use the latest composition techniques and state of the art musicians to deliver unique songs inspired by your projects.

Add to all this some sound effects and there you go! It's as if you were there!

Screaking Lever -
00:00 / 00:00
Popping Sewer Drain -
00:00 / 00:00
Happy Girl -
00:00 / 00:00
Happyness Wave -
00:00 / 00:00

Sound design for video games. See this Rise of Balloons' trailer to witness the magic!


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