Sound design for Videos

It is with great enthusiasm that we will bring our personalized sound design to your video. Whether it is broadcasted on television or on the web; we will give it the sound that makes it addictive.

Click the video to hear ambient music during the narration of a Mystère Voilé's episode. Subtle and terrifying, just like the myths it accompanies.

Mystère Voilé sound design

Ambiant Music

Ambient music establishing the atmosphere of your scenes and pulling the public into your universe.


Our days, videos are found everywhere on the internet and can be watched several times and shared with your friends to the great delight of everyone. These videos entertain us for a few minutes, come out of oblivion some weeks later, and can become a part of our lives for several years. For us, to work on the soundtrack of such projects is the most gratifying. To know that the public will hear over and over again the music and sounds we have written drives our team to do a meticulous, distinctive, and professional work.


Sound design for the show Mystère Voilé. Introduction song bringing together specific musical elements from the  previous seasons in order to create a theme that is the continuity and the evolution of the show.


Series should always become more captivating throughout their progression. In this regard, we compose music and sounds that retain people's attention and imagination.

Our composers and sound designers stay tuned for the latest techniques and technological advancements in their respective field in order to continually conceive superior quality audio. As a result, as soon as the first notes of the show are hit, your audience will be drawn in front of the television, excited and attentive.


See Also

Introduction song for a show debating about video games. It is inspired by Megaman's music for a retro feeling and accompanied by electric guitars for a modern touch expressing the evolution of video throughout time. After the intro, each section of the song changes scale and rhythm to represent each of the show's animator. 

Conception sonore pour jeux vidéos, séries et logos

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