Sound design for logos

We make the sound design of your logo by analyzing your company's characteristics in order to understand its essence and come up with the best-suited sound for it. Then, we compose the music and create the sound effects that goes alongside your logo, thus forging your audio logo! We do it in concomitance with your logo's animation, your goals, and your target audience.

A couple of notes, a distinguishing sound, and there it is, your logo coming to life. A link as just been established between you and the witness of your new audio logo, your own sound!


Being ourselves in a constant process of research and composition for other companies, we know well the issues of a good audio marketing strategy. Therefore, we pay great attention to your company's needs and specificities in order to create a timeless audio logo reflecting your intentions.

With the ever-changing technology, the new media available to expose its logo keep on multiplying.


Sound design for the logo of Relaxation Musique Nordique. The discrete ice sounds, the mellow flutes, and the soothing violins bring a mood reminding the calm and freshness of winter.


The sense of hearing is directly linked to the part of the brain that manages emotions and they, in turn,  are linked to memory. So in order to stay fixed in the mind of potential clients, nothing is worth putting your hand on a unique sound representing your enterprise.

Your audio logo is a guideline for the upcoming audio usage of your company. Nowadays, entrepreneurs recognize the benifits of wise use of sounds and music to enhance the emotional attachment of clients toward a product or brand.


When we create your audio logo, we do not simply compose random notes, we tell the story of your enterprise. This is the story people will remember after seeing and hearing your logo. 

With our partners, we create logo animations and add the ideal music and sound effects to it in order to bring out the appeal of your company.

This story is based on your personal experiences, on your logo's design and animation, and on your field of expertise. Altogether, this gives a unique recipe that inspires a music that is your own and of which you can be proud. 

Conception sonore pour jeux vidéos, séries et logos

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