Audio Services



Conceptualization of unique audio ideas 

ensuring your satisfaction.


We offer complete personalized audio services starting with the development of musical ideas inspired by your projects. Afterwards, we regroup these ideas under concepts, thus enhancing the story you are telling by bringing out details that can only be expressed in music and in sound.

To do so, we evaluate the socio-historical contexts in which your project evolves, the targeted audience, and the desired ambiance for it.


We determine the best suited musical styles depending on the contexts of your project. We take care of implementing the adequate instruments for the realization of unique atmospheres that represents you.


We escort you in the process of finding if you want traditional experimental sounds. Once we have found the balance that gives your project its own unique sonority, we standardize the formula and implement it in the songs and sounds of your project. 


  • Contexts analysis

  • Musical styles research

  • Experimentation et standardization




Tailor-made music composition defining

the atmosphere and the personality of your projects.


We compose music specifically for your needs. We use high-end software, modern sound banks, and talented musicians to compose unique songs that accompany the story you put forward. 



We compose introduction songs for video games, shows and logo reveal. Shorter and sometimes ambient, these songs set the tone and expose the sonority of your project.


We compose theme songs which have memorable melodies evolving in various settings. The theme songs are heard under various forms throughout your projects. This creates a familiar environment which puts the audience at ease. 


We also compose ambient music to support the desired emotions throughout the settings of your project. This music is made for special moments; it makes them stand out and more memorable. The ambient music will make special moments exactly like you want them to be. 


  • Introduction music composition

  • Theme song composition

  • Ambient music composition


Sound Effects

Breathtaking sound effects
that will 
the public.


We create sound effects from recorded objects and instruments along with synthesizers. Our Foley covers the sounds that the camera did not get and our tension risers add ambiance and emotion.


Our tension risers are emotion carriers. They are auditive clues for the viewers experimenting your products. These sound effects are what indicate if a situation is to be taken lightly or seriously.


It may be necessary to add ambient sounds that match your project's scenes. When this happens, we create ambient soundtracks made of various sounds carefully chosen and calibrated to liven up the scenes.


Our Foley covers each scene's entire content. We make sounds for the actions taking place inside the frame as well as those out of sight. For us, Foley is a music of its own; it has to be in symbiosis with the music and other sounds playing at the same time.


  • Tension risers

  • Ambient soundtracks

  • Foley



Recordings of sounds and instruments

for a realistic feeling.


We record objects, instruments, and voices in order to enhance our music and sound effects with matching sonorities. We record key elements to tighten the audio quality and take care of choosing the proper microphones according to the situation. 


We record various objects to create new sounds for your scenes. This allows for flexibility in creating a tailor-made sound design for your project. The sky is the limit when it comes to sound making. The more eccentric the process, the better the story that goes along with it.


For certain instruments, we prefer recording musicians to add authenticity. The recording of guitars is a good example when it comes to adding depth and thickness to a song. These recorded instruments mixed with our composers' soundtracks give neat results. 


For dialogues and narration, we have a vast registry of voice actors to match your characters. Getting the right voice for the right character is just as crucial as choosing the instruments that define a musical style. 


  • Objects

  • Instruments

  • Voice-over


Mixing and Mastering

Audacious mixing and mastering 

for a neat final product enhancing sound quality.

We do the mixing and mastering of our sound design with care in order to reach perfect balance and to discover unique sonorities that will be the signature of your project. Our mixing creates a balance between sounds by determining which elements are to put forward whereas our mastering gives presence and defines the color of your sound.



Our mixing includes volume adjustment and spectrum equalization for each instrument. This allows for the creation of smooth audio environment by reducing and limiting the volume of certain frequencies.

We customize our sound by using digital signal processing effects on our tracks to make them as good as possible. No matter the number and type of effects necessary, we come up with the right ones and we apply just the right amount.

Our mastering includes audio signal compression. This helps us create samples with optimal volume dynamics. We also use it to create a personalized sound that can be found throughout your project. 


  • Volume adjustement and spectrum equalization

  • Digital signal processing effects

  • Compression optimization and personalized sound



Sound integration within your project

ensuring impeccable volume balance.


We take care of the integration of sounds within your project, hence ensuring that the volumes are adjusted according to the events, tempo, proximity and objects' direction. We make sure that each audio element arrives smoothly and at the right moment according to their We do the spatiotemporal emplacement.


We synchronize our audio to your images so that each note, each sound, and each event has the wanted effect on the public. With the constant flow of new technology, sound integration techniques keep on multiplying, but we help you stay on top of it!


In order to give your clients a pleasant experience, the volume of each sound has to be calibrated with care and precision. Just like we take the time to mix our songs so that each instrument has the proper volume, we adjust the volume of the sounds integrated to your project so that the music, sound effect, and voices are in symbiosis. 


The position and distance of the audio source are at the heart of sound quality. We determine the amount of mono and stereo signal to be used in conjuncture with panoramic effects in your project. This is all carefully adjusted to give birth to a superior quality project of which you are proud.


  • Audio-visual synchronization

  • Volume mixing

  • Spatio-temporal sound adjustment

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